Seven birthdays of my nephew Romi


During the last weekend, the son of my brother celebrated seven birthdays. I decided to leave my XT-1 at home and take back the old X100 again. Who knows this camera knows that speed is not the strong side of this machine. And taking photos of fast moving kids was a challenge. But some shots made me really happy. It’s a great camera!


Is the Fujifilm X100 worth in 2017?


I am a satisfied user of Fujifilm. My main camera is Fuji XT-1, but for a long time I’ve been looking for something smaller. Something what I can throw in my backpack and have it always with me. Firstly I wanted to get some tiny profi compact, but then I decided differently. I searched the bazaars and found the old Fujifilm X100 in a limited black edition. Is it worth buying in 2017?