Pole dance


I spent the last weekend at photography workshop whose theme was Pole dance performed by Dušana Lukáčová. The workshop was under the patronage of Slovak documentary photographer Matúš Zajac. It was not only a nice weekend, but I take away something much more valuable. The way how I should improve the moment when I am taking the picture. I hope that there will be a chance to be a part of such a nice group of people again. No more words needed. Thanks to everyone involved!


Pohoda 2018


This year I was for the first time at the Pohoda festival. I do not know why I never decided to go to there. However, I’m glad I did this time. It was really a nice surprise for me. It was a place full of good music, full of friendly atmosphere, full of human smiles, full of new experiences, full of new meetings. It was a place full of moments, thanks to which I enjoyed it and I know, I fell in love with Pohoda. I know I was there for the first time, yet I am sure it was not for the last time. I only regret one thing. I’ve been picky with making photos. It`s a shame, because it was full of extraordinary moments. I have to change it for the next year. I am looking forward for Pohoda 2019.


CLIS Dance Family


Sometimes you get to a place that surrounds you with a strong atmosphere and energy. This happened to me during a visit to the CLIS dance group training. For them, it was just another common practice, but for me it was opportunity to experience something extraordinary. I let myself drift away and enjoy as much of the energy here as possible. I have witnessed moments of building the long-standing friendships. I am convinced that even if they will grow once and their life will forced them to end up with similar activities, they will have truly remarkable memories for this time. And I have one roll of 36 from there. Here it is.


Month of Photography 2017


This was my second year when I visited a number of exhibitions from the Moon of Photography festival in Bratislava. It is an opportunity for me to meet people for whom photography is a very important part of their lives. And it is a great honor for me to attend exhibitions with great personalities of Slovak and Czech photography. It greatly enriches my view of the photo and it also influences the way I approach photography. Thank you my friends!


Paralympic Games Rio 2016 #3 – from venues


I have no need to recall the fact that Paralympic games are full of strong moments and emotions. In sports, emotions are just what people are attracted to. What attracts them and what makes them the best to get their fans. Emotions are what makes sport a sport. Emotions are that reason, why people turn on TV. Rio 2016 Paralympics was no exception. I am lucky I can see what’s going on behind the scenes. And here’s a few moments, especially from behind the scenes. From venues.