Pole dance


I spent the last weekend at photography workshop whose theme was Pole dance performed by Dušana Lukáčová. The workshop was under the patronage of Slovak documentary photographer Matúš Zajac. It was not only a nice weekend, but I take away something much more valuable. The way how I should improve the moment when I am taking the picture. I hope that there will be a chance to be a part of such a nice group of people again. No more words needed. Thanks to everyone involved!


Dubai 2017 in Monochrome


There is a city on the southeast coast of the Gulf of Persia. A city that has made its country famous, but so different from the rest of it. Dubai, is a showcase of the wealth of United Arab Emirates. Experiencing Dubai is in the mood today. Because Dubai shows what a man is capable of. What he can easily create if he just can. So man has an endless variety of possibilities there – If you have a money for that. In any case, Dubai is worth a visit. It is a truly exceptional city. But what is the overall impression of it? Is it artificial or is it just a unique experience?