Paralympic Games Rio 2016 #2 – ceremonies


Paralympic and Olympic Games are opened and closed by ceremonies. Opening ceremonies are among my biggest experiences at all. I have seen them in Beijing, London and the last one on PH Rio 2016. These are the moments when one feels that it has begun. And vice versa.

For me as an athlete there is an opening ceremony always full of emotions. I summarize what I did before I got there and I am preparing myself for the Games itself. It is a very powerful moment that can hardly be described by words. It’s beautiful and unforgettable!

DSCF3275 - sep 03 2016

DSCF3397 - sep 07 2016

DSCF3424 - sep 07 2016

DSCF3432 - sep 07 2016

DSCF3516 - sep 08 2016