Paralympic Games Rio 2016 #1 – before departure


This year I was on my third Paralympic Games. This time in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There has been some time since the return and I feel it’s time to publish some of my shots. But, firstly not from Rio, but from the time before departure.

Paralympic games are a huge project not only for the games organizer. It is a project for all the stakeholders involved. It is a project for National Paralympic Organizations that organize and handle the entire management and logistics. It is a long-term process where it is not always about the sport.

And so we signed the contracts, passed the decree, we were admitted to the President and the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic, or we went through some photo shooting or filming for media purposes.

EM100246 - júl 02 2016

DSCF2659 - júl 25 2016

DSCF2800 - aug 16 2016

DSCF2855 - aug 16 2016

DSCF2820 - aug 16 2016

DSCF2883 - aug 16 2016

DSCF2957 - aug 16 2016

DSCF2775 - aug 16 2016

DSCF3132 - aug 30 2016

DSCF3068 - aug 29 2016

DSCF3063 - aug 29 2016