Is the Fujifilm X100 worth in 2017?


I am a satisfied user of Fujifilm. My main camera is Fuji XT-1, but for a long time I’ve been looking for something smaller. Something what I can throw in my backpack and have it always with me. Firstly I wanted to get some tiny profi compact, but then I decided differently. I searched the bazaars and found the old Fujifilm X100 in a limited black edition. Is it worth buying in 2017?

I’m not that kind of person who always needs the latest technology and all the top functions. If there is a good lens and if I like the output from the sensor, everything else I should be able to handle. With the old Fuji X100, I got a nice camera to which one still can build a favor today. Considering its age and the fact that I bought second-hand equipment, I’m not afraid of some scratches or hard treatment. I do not even care that it is slow like a slug. This is the challenge I want to go through. Or at least try do so.

And how does the photos from this tiny old piece of equipment looks like in 2017? For my needs, it is extremely good. I like it and I enjoy it. So, unless it will works or unless I will destroy it, I hope it will makes me happy for a long time.

Photos are from my friends’ meeting. We sat down for a drink and they were working on the launch of their project fujista.sk – Fujifilm store. So, if you are considering buying a photo technique, you can definitely check out their store. Because they put their hearts into their work.

You can also watch their work:


DSCF0030 - máj 21 2017

DSCF0034 - máj 21 2017

DSCF0037 - máj 21 2017

DSCF0047 - máj 21 2017

DSCF0087 - máj 21 2017

DSCF0098 - máj 21 2017

DSCF0102 - máj 21 2017

DSCF0103 - máj 21 2017

DSCF0109 - máj 21 2017